The United States is the largest producer of natural gas and yet there are more owners of fossil fuel vehicles than that of natural gas. One of the reasons for this problem is that refueling stations around the country are limited. As a result it would be pointless for auto manufacturers to mass produce these vehicles. With that being said, investors don’t really see the point of building natural gas refueling stations if they will not have any customers for the commodity.

While there are a few refueling stations across the nation. They are only used by haulage trucking companies and large couriers such as Fedex and UPS. The driving patterns for these companies are predictable, so they are able to plan routes close to these natural gas refueling stations.

In a bid to encourage more people to switch to natural gas vehicles, Texas Commission on Environment Quality will be offering a $2500 rebate for purchasers of these people. The grand opening of a CNG refueling station in the state in May is expected to generate more interest towards these vehicles.

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