Conservation groups are fuming at a recent letter that was sent to President Obama urging him accelerate the pace at which LNG terminals are being developed. The letter was sent by five U.S. senate democrats including D-New Mexico’s Senator, Mark Udall.

The two page letter expressed disappointment with slow pace at which review process of LNG export terminals were taking. The senators said that the country could strengthen energy security worldwide with LNG exports.

Food and Water Watch New Mexico’s senior organizer, Eleanor Bravo expressed disappointment with the letter’s content. Senator Udall has since sent an email to New Mexico Watch Dog defending the opinions expressed in the letter to the president. He said that although he strongly supports the national standard for renewable electricity, he firmly believed that natural gas had an important role in the energy strategy.

Senator’s Udall’s connection to the letter could strain the normally good support he received from environmentalist. In fact, it could hurt his chances of re-election later this year.