American Electric Power-Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (AEP-PSO) has come to an agreement with a number of panhandle wind energy producers to purchase 600 million megawatt hours of power beginning in January 2016.

One of the supplying company’s CEO, Rob Freeman of TradeWind, said “Oklahoma’s natural resources and the leadership of lawmakers have made it an ideal state for wind-energy investment.” This investment extends to benefits for AEP-PSO consumers as the cost of energy is reduced by adding wind power to the company’s power sources.

The original purchase of 200 megawatts was increased as the company analyzed cost savings and concluded the extended agreement would benefit everyone. The length of the agreement is over a 20 year period and is expected to power approximately 60,000 homes. Oklahoma is a state that is friendly towards alternative energy investment and has the natural resources to make an investment successful.