While non-government organizations and worldwide efforts are in a battle for a greener earth, Ohio’s legislation is now overhauling its “green” energy laws. This legislation could prevent major utility companies from purchasing energy in greener resources. It is estimated that the general assembly is to release a decision by this or next week.

Aside from cutting their ties with green energy, utility companies will no longer be bound to paying incentive programs and benefits. They will no longer be subjected to energy-efficiency terms that are required. Not only is this potentially dangerous for the environment, it could be costly for consumers across the state. It would also result in major cross-cutting within the green energy industry.

However, environmental groups and NGOs are not giving up without a fight. A debate still continues regarding the effects of wiping out Ohio’s green energy laws. This will also hinder the states green energy plan to take full yield by 2025.

As the general assembly moved closer to a decision, many campaigns have been launched to oppose the approval of the green energy overhaul, including boycotts from FirstEnergy Solutions – a major supporter of the legislation. Even with such opposition, the public still has no clue of the upcoming results.

Whether or not, this will get approved, it counts for major impacts not only with the environment but for major utilities and industries across the state.

A concerned Ohio citizen…